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April 20, 2023


Clay Pipe Play

At a magical time, we will meet at a magical place near the sea. 

In the open air we will freely commune with clouds as we create clay smoking accessories. We will explore match strikes, ash trays and pipes in this session. You may create as many of few of these items as you wish within the session. Surface design and color can also be added to your work during this time.

I will guide you through the process, provide all of the materials and tools necessary to complete your great work. After creating, you may apply color to your pieces within this 90 minute session.

I will fully dry, fire and clear glaze to complete your work of art.


Finished products will be available for pickup after a four weeks and unclaimed work will be donated 6 weeks after the firing.

Finished pieces will be available 4 weeks after the session remain available for 6 weeks. You will be emailed when your piece is available . Please wait at least 4 weeks (and check spam folders etc) after session for email before contacting about specific pieces. Fired work remaining in the studio after 10 weeks will be donated.


Arrangements for shipping can be made starting from $25.

*Pieces are NOT guaranteed and can be succumb to fragility at various points in the process for many reasons. It is the nature of the art and no compensation can be made in the event of tragedy.)


Make sure to arrive in clothes that can get messy. 

No experience necessary 

Must be 21+



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