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  • Where is your kiln?
    I have a few kilns onsite in a Warehouse; Eartha Kilnt, Josephine BakedIt and Nina MeltCone.
  • What cone do you fire to?
    I fire my work from mid to high, with multiple firings for a selection of pieces.
  • What Glazes do you use?
    I use a variety of prepared glazes and mix a few of my own.
  • Can I buy clay from you and have my work fired in your kilns?
    Yes and yes. Two of my kilns are listed on kilnshare. Contact me for greater details.
  • How long have you been making ceramics?
    I have been playing in clay for almost 10 years.
  • Why does the studio look like an old kitchen?
    'TED Talk' TBA
  • Did you go to art school?
  • Where can I physically interact with your work?
    Adewole Arts, inside Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro California directly across from the Clay Kitchen Studio.
  • What is that weird squiggle on the bottom of my pot?
    That is my mark. It was inspired by an Nsibidi symbol for kitchen.
  • Can I eat out of this?
    Pieces are created with food safe materials. However, caution is encouraged on pieces with texture to ensure cleanliness. Pieces not recommended as food safe are usually marked. Please feel free to inquire about specific items.
  • Life happened, I need to cancel my appointment, can I have a refund?
    I understand things come up, and If you give me 72 hrs (at the minimum), I am happy to provide you the oppurtunity to reschedule. If you are unable to make a new date within 30 days, please consider gifting your standing appointment to a friend. I do not offer refunds. Additional opportunities to reschedule may be available at a fee.
  • What is the difference between the Handbuilding and the Pottery Wheel sessions?
    Hand-building experience utilizes our hands to create pottery with traditional methods such as Pinch, Coli and Slab Building. The Pottery Wheel is where we sit down at one of those spinny things (pottery wheel) and create.
  • Will I get to apply color to my piece on the same day?
    Yes. If you elect to apply color to decorate and enhance your piece you may do so during the same session at a chare of $15 per person. (Not applicable to Pottery Wheel Sessions; you may select color to be applied that the appropriate step in process.)
  • When can I pick up my creation?
    Work can be usually be picked up FOUR weeks after your session. An email is sent to the address provided during registration. Please add Adewole Arts to list of contacts to avoid loss by spam filters etc. If you have not heard from me 6 weeks after your session, please reach out. Pieces will be held for 6 weeks after firing for pickup. Pieces remaining 10 weeks after your session will be donated. Asking about your pieces 6 months to a year after your session will be considered an attempt at humor.
  • I will not be in town to retrieve my work, can I have it shipped to me?"
    Yes, your work can be shipped to you starting from $25. Please email to make arrangements.
  • I had a great time and would like to recommend to friends but
    I am wondering if I should send them directly to you or through a third party site? If you enjoyed your experience and would like to support this small business, please refer them directly to my website. Larger sites are a great way to get the word out, but only direct purchases support.
  • Do you offer private events?
    Yes. Private events start at $425 for up to 4 participants and are easily arranged on a grander scale. Please email to create and schedule a unique art experience (personalized serving ware for housewarmings, tags for the holiday gift exchange, flower pots. copitas, shooters & sippers and more.) Available weekends and weekdays.
  • Where are you located?
    Adewole Arts is located in coastal community San Pedro of Los Angeles California. The studio is housed inside Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles which is a thoughtfully restored 1940's warehouse. Adewole Arts is located inside Warehouse 10 between the entrances painted with the large colorful mural.
  • When do Items ship?
    I typically ship once a week, on Saturday.
  • I'm local, can I pick up my order?"
    Of course, please select pickup during your checkout. You can walk into the market, or pull up to the specail parking by the entrance for curbside pickups.

Open to Public
Friday- Sunday 12-6p ONLY

building opens promptly at 12pm

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